Loran C Signal Generator

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The LCS-300 is a LORAN C signal generator capable of simulating a LORAN chain with a master and two slave stations. The signal characteristics are controlled from any ASCII terminal via the RS-232 link. The GRI, slave TD's, and amplitude of the pulse groups can be set. These settings can be stored in eeprom to be recalled on power-up.

Loran C Signal Generator




All outputs except for the Group Trig and Trig Out are 600 ohms and can tolerate DC voltages of +/-20V. The Group Trig and Trig Out output is 0-5Vwith 1K impedance. Voltage must not be applied to these outputs or damage may occur.

Controllable parameters:

The GRI, Slave time difference (TD), and master , slave1, and slave2 amplitudes can be set. ECD can be set, but applies to master and slaves equally.

Internal EEPROM stores operating parameters and restores these settings when power is applied.
LCS-300 Manual

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