Multi Sensor Transducer Test Set

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Quick, definitive tests for: Photograph of T3D

red bullet pointWide Frequency Range
30 KHz to over 520 KHz. Covers most all piezoelectric marine transducers.
red bullet pointPush-button Calibration for Top-notch Accuracy
The T3D can be calibrated at the push of a button without other test equipment.
red bullet pointTemperature Sensor Test
Temperature of thermistor is read directly in degrees Centigrade or Fahrenheit. No more guessing if the readout or transducer is bad.
red bullet pointSpeed Pickup Test
Indicator flashes when the speed paddle wheel is rotated for a positive check of the speed sensor.
red bullet pointLeakage Indicators
Leakage is displayed over the range of 10 ohms to 10 megohms.
red bullet pointResonance Indicator Light Bar
Resonant points are indicated on a super-bright 10 LED bargraph.

How it Works
The heart of the T3D is an accurate linear sweep generator combined with a sensitive phase detector. The swept frequency is applied to the transducer and the phase change is read and stored at approximately 700 points. After correcting all the readings for cable and transducer capacitance the significant changes are displayed on the 10 LED bar graph display. Each LED corresponds to a distinct frequency band and is illuminated at a brightness proportional to the corrected phase change. Because of the combination of brightness and frequency information, the display presents a unique signature for the transducer. Should you test a faulty or improperly wired transducer no LEDs will illuminate.

Using the T3D
Connect a multi-sensor transducer to the 8-pin connector. Press the power button and check the display. A good transducer will light the display showing resonance at one or more frequencies. Next, press the function button to check for leakage. A DC voltage is applied to the transducer element and the leakage current measured and displayed over the range of 10 ohms to 10 megohms. Another press of the function button starts the temperature test. Temperature data from the transducer's thermistor is accurately read in degrees C or F. Press the function button again to start the speed transducer test. The speed indicator flashes and runs up the bargraph when the paddle wheel is spun. Both Hall effect and reed switches are tested correctly. Quickly test multi-sensor transducers with one simple instrument on the spot, and determine if the trouble is in the display, transducer or wiring. Standard transducers are easily checked for resonance and leakage with the supplied test cable.

Test cable and battery included!

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