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Photograph of TT-2NOW YOU CAN TEST:

red bullet point Extended Frequency Range
500 Hz to over 500 KHz. Covers survey and special purpose sonar and acoustic transducers.
red bullet point Load Reactance Indicator
Dual color LED indicates if the load is resonant (resistive), inductive, or capacitive at any frequency.
red bullet point Load Current Meter
Analog meter shows series or parallel resonance points. Identifies resonant frequency points.
red bullet point Leakage Indicator
Dual color LED for leakage and continuity test.
red bullet point Variable Zout Control
Determine transducer impedance at resonance.

How it Works
The TT-2 sends a signal through a variable resistor connected to the xducer jack. The voltage at the attached transducer is monitored and compared to the voltage generated internally in the TT-2. This voltage difference is converted to current and displayed on the relative xducer current meter. The phase difference is monitored and drives a load indicator. At a given frequency, if the load indicator is red, it means the transducer is capacitive. A green load indicator shows the transducer to be inductive. At resonance, the indicator will be dim or off as the transducer is mainly resistive with negligible reactance. The DC resistance of the load is monitored and drives the leakage indicator. This leakage indicator is green for resistances less than 3 megohms, and red for a resistance less than 10K ohms.

Using the TT-2
Connect a transducer to the xducer jack. Turn the power on and rotate the frequency knob until the meter peaks, indicating a resonant point. Most sonar transducers have three resonant points. The TT-2 is so sensitive that the pressure of a finger on the transducer face will deflect the meter at only one of the three resonant points. This is normally the operating frequency of the transducer. The impedance is found by rotating the z out control until the meter is in the Zo range. The impedance is indicated by the position of the z out knob.

Test cable and 9 volt battery included!

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